Download Sample archive Files

Here, you can find a collection of sample archive files for various formats, including ZIP, RAR, and TAR. These samples are provided for you to use as a reference or for testing purposes. You can download the sample archive files and use them to practice extracting or compressing files, or to familiarize yourself with the file structure and contents of different archive formats. Whether you're a beginner learning about archive files for the first time, or an experienced user looking for some test samples to work with, this page has something for you. So browse through our selection of sample archive files and see what you can learn!


RAR Sample Files

Get free RAR audio test files


ZIP Sample Files

Get free ZIP audio test files


TAR Sample Files

Get free TAR audio test files


7Z Sample Files

Get free 7Z audio test files


GZIP Sample Files

Get free GZIP audio test files


BZIP2 Sample Files

Get free BZIP2 audio test files