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Get access to over 100 free sample files for all your testing and demonstration needs. Our sample files come in a variety of sizes, resolutions, and formats to suit your specific requirements. Whether you're a developer, designer, or tester, we have something for everyone. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to browse and download each sample file easily.


Every test file you need in one place

Need example or dummy files for testing, demos, or presentations? You'll find what you're looking for here! Our selection of free files comes in a variety of sizes, resolutions, and formats to meet your needs. Plus, we take care to ensure that all of our files are safe and free of viruses and inappropriate content.

Sample Audio Files

Download example audio files. We have a collection of sample audio files in various formats, Mp3, M4a, AAC, WAV, and many more


Sample Video Files

Download sample video files. Get quick example video files for all common video formats. including MOV,Mp4, AVI, M4R, FLV, and many more.


Sample Document Files

Download free sample files for various document file types, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, Excel, PPT, and many more


Sample Images Files

Download free sample image files for your project. Get quality test images of all formats including PNG, JPEG, GIF, WebP, BPM, SVG, etc


Sample Archive Files

Download free samples of archive file formats. Choose from a collection of archives that you can use to run tests. These archive files include Zip, RAR, TAR, etc