Sample ac3 Audio File Download

Audio Codec 3

  • sample-1.ac3

    6.2MB / 512Kbps / 5.1 / 00:01:36

  • sample-2.ac3

    4.4MB / 384Kbps / 5.1 / 00:01:30

  • sample-3.ac3

    444KB / 256Kbps / stereo / 00:00:13

  • sample-4.ac3

    711KB / 384Kbps / 5.1 / 00:00:14

  • sample-5.ac3

    1.5MB / 256kbps / stereo / 00:00:45

AC-3 (Audio Codec 3) is a digital audio codec that was developed by Dolby Laboratories for use in its Dolby Digital surround sound system. It is commonly used in DVD and Blu-ray disc players, as well as in A/V receivers, television sets, and other audio equipment. AC-3 files contain audio data that has been compressed using the AC-3 codec. These files typically have a .ac3 file extension and can be played on a variety of devices and platforms that support AC-3 playback. AC-3 files are typically used to store surround sound audio tracks for movies, television shows, and other audio content. AC-3 files can be created using a variety of audio editing software, such as Adobe Audition and Audacity. They can also be created by encoding an audio file using an AC-3 encoder. AC-3 files can be played back using media players that support the AC-3 codec, such as VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player.