Sample ogg Audio File Download

Ogg Vorbis audio codec

  • sample-1.ogg

    2.3MB / 320Kbps / stereo / 00:01:36

  • sample-2.ogg

    2.4MB / 320Kbps / stereo / 00:01:30

  • sample-3.ogg

    5.66KB / 320Kbps / stereo / 00:00:13

  • sample-4.ogg

    262KB / 320Kbps / stereo / 00:00:14

  • sample-5.ogg

    1.7KB / 320Kbps / stereo / 00:00:45

Ogg sample files are audio files that use the Ogg Vorbis audio codec to compress and store sound data. They are commonly used for storing and playing back audio on the internet and on various devices such as smartphones and tablets. Ogg files are known for their high quality audio and relatively small file size, making them a popular choice for streaming music and audio content online. Ogg sample files can be played on a wide variety of devices and media players, including popular software such as VLC and Windows Media Player. They are also often used as a reference file for testing audio equipment and software.